An old-school ad with your basic text and image An OunchKIT - a spruced up rich media ad with instant actions

An OunchKIT allows users to instantly access more information found on any advertising or information material via their mobile phones. Information accessed include clickable phone number, email, google map, image gallery, text, pdf document, video and/or forms will be displayed in an easy to read and navigate, nicely sorted tabs that is mobile optimised.

Benefits include:

Why your advertisement needs an OunchKIT


No coding needed, drag 'n' drop, and a click on the submit button and voila!

HTML5 Technology

With cutting-edge design capabilities, you will have yourself a spectacular, intuitive digital ad.


Widen your audience reach with our choices of supported languages.


Monitor what people are (and aren't) doing on your page with infographics.

Seamless integration

Have your information optimised and elegantly displayed on mobile and social networks.


No app download required, all you need is your trusty web browser and you have instant access to an OunchKIT.

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Unlimited microsites, smartphone optimized, analytics, exposure.
USD 18 /mo
Billed annually for $180.00.
Tailored for one-off events
  • 100MB content upload limit
  • "Powered by Ounch" logo displayed
  • Provided backgrounds only
  • OunchKIT duration: 30 days
  • Basic OunchKIT Analytics 
USD 36 /mo
Billed annually for $360.00.
Tailored for short-term campaigns
  • 500MB content upload limit
  • "Powered by Ounch" logo displayed
  • Customizable background
  • OunchKIT duration: 1 year
  • Customizable SEO
  • Standard OunchKIT Analytics 
USD 120 /mo
Billed annually for $1,200.00.
Tailored for the brand-proud
  • 1GB content upload limit
  • "Powered by Ounch" logo optional
  • Customizable background
  • OunchKIT duration: No limit
  • Customizable SEO
  • Customizable domain
  • Multi-user access
  • Premium OunchKIT Analytics 
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